Parents & Partners

Parent Feedback and Involvement

We believe that parent feedback is very important to us running a successful school. Opportunities are available for parents to leave us feedback within our confidential suggestion box, our feedback book and also directly to our teachers, Deputy Head, Irene or Principal, Juliet. 

During general day to day running during term time, we keep parents updated with important news, upcoming events, timings and daily information via a WhatsApp group and termly newsletters.

Parents are invited to school to speak to the children about topics that we are covering, such as Festivals, 'Jobs We Do' and Cultural Celebrations. These sessions are loved by our children and can offer a great deal of depth to the their learning.  We also have an annual visit from the Fire and Police Department who talk to the children about their role in the community. The children are also allowed to interact with the emergency vehicles which they thoroughly enjoy.

We encourage parent helpers during our school trips and ask that you let us know if you want to get involved.

Each school year, parents have the opportunity to watch our school productions such as our Christmas Play, Easter Concert, Sponsored Charity Event, and Sports Day. 

We are always keen to hear about your child’s activities at home and encourage them to speak about these within our circle times. 

Local SEND Offer and Equality Act 2010

At Acorn Montessori School, we believe in equality of opportunity and that every child has a right to fulfil their potential. If your child has Special Education Needs and/or Disabilities, please contact us to see how we can help. Our premises are designed to accommodate children and adults with disability. 

We are committed to working with Buckinghamshire County Council and their Family Information Service for the benefit of all children. Please visit the below website for more information:

Under the Equality Act 2010, we and all childcare providers have 

a responsibility to:

  • Not treat a disabled child ‘less favourably’ than other children. This means that your child should have the same play and learning opportunities as other children and you should not be charged more for offering the same service to a disabled child and;  
  • Make ‘reasonable adjustments’ to make sure that it is not difficult or impossible for disabled children to make use of a service.